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Review of Triumph Dealer Event – Albufeira Portugal February 2020

Every year Triumph puts on a dealer immersion event to showcase its latest bikes to Triumph dealers across Europe. This year focused on the launch of the new Tiger 900, Thruxton RS, Rocket GT, Rocket r and the new Street RS

This year the event took place in Albufeira, Portugal and Youles Motorcycles owner Philip Youles was invited to ride the bikes. Here’s his overview of the day:

Wow! To be here in Portugal with Triumph at the dealer immersion event has been a super special . Split into a group of seven riders we were briefed by Joe Akroyd who was our lead rider. I knew that this wasn’t going to be a slow day with Joe leading our ride.

Rocket 3 GT

Then down to the garage where we were allowed to select the first bike of the day from the bikes that were allocated for our group. I went straight for the latest Rocket 3 GT, knowing this would be a spirited ride to start the day. The latest Rocket delivers the highest torque of any production motorbike, reported to be around 221Nm, whilst boasting an engine capacity of 2500cc.

I thought the Rocket would possibly not be the ideal bike for the roads we were to be riding on. So riding it first would allow me a benchmark by which to rate the others. We left Albufeira and headed off into the mountains looking for bends.

Despite these twisting roads, The Rocket just seemed to take it all in its stride. Every time I had that “I’m not going to get round here,” feeling with the pegs down and the front tyre drifting a bit, the bike just dug in and there was a lot more to offer for riders of higher abilities. Whenever we had the chance to open it up on a straight, the power was truly incredible.

In all honesty, if I’d been on the old Rocket then I would definitely have been off road so that’s a measure of the control you get from the new version.

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Rocket 3 R

We stopped for coffee and swapped bikes, where I changed for the Rocket R now this suited me better. The Rocket R is set up more as a roadster, compared to the GT’s touring style. I’d only ridden the GT back home, on slippy Lancashire roads in the rain so on the drier roads in Portugal the benefits were much clearer.

I’m on the shorter side and therefore the R just fits my 28” inside leg better, I often find I’m just stretching too much for the forward controls on the GT. I found the R more suited to the type of riding we were doing. Having said that if you’re a taller guy then the GT might be perfect.

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Street Triple RS

We swapped again and I was on the new Street RS, and wow these roads and this bike were just made for each other! The Street just ate those bends and was just lapping it up. I really felt comfortable and totally in control. The first generation Street was ahead of its competition and Triumph have just kept developing this bike to keep it well in front.

Lunch was the next stop, lovely pasta a bit of pizza, some orange juice and two espresso, maybe they weren’t a good idea!

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Thruxton RS

Now onto the Thruxton RS - I used a Thruxton when they first came out and I love them. The RS has that extra bit of poke exactly what it needed, oh and the brakes, just amazing. I loved it and wondered why I haven’t ridden a Thruxton for ages. The bike has just not been in my head but this ride today has certainly put it back.

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Tiger 900 Rally Pro

I then swapped to the new Tiger 900 Rally Pro. Triumph have altered the firing order on the new 900 Tiger by giving it their T-plane crank which makes it sound sort of offbeat like a Twin yet with the power of a triple.

The Rally Pro was very capable on the winding Portuguese roads at these speeds and being sat higher does give that extra bit of visibility. I liked the old Tiger 800 so was really looking forward to riding the new bike and it didn’t disappoint. The TFT screen and functionality of the switchgear were both intuitive and clear. I’m sure it will be very capable off road and can’t wait to take one on a trail.

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Tiger 900 GT Pro

Last stop of the day and it’s time to ride the Tiger 900 GT Pro. The top spec road-going version. Now for me this is probably the on I’ll end up with. I have sat on the low version but I don’t really need a low. At standard height my shorter legs were fine and as soon as I’d gone around the first twisty bend I knew I was at one with the bike.

The Tiger 900 is such a capable bike it has everything that the old bike has, just improved and fine-tuned to be even better, if that’s even possible! I was getting tired now been a long couple of days, the effects of the espresso were wearing off so this was the right bike at the right time. As we pulled in to the hotel garage I really didn’t want to give it back. I could have gone round again, but unfortunately it wasn’t an opportunity.

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Thanks Triumph for giving the dealers the opportunity to ride in such a perfect location in perfect conditions with six bikes that in my opinion are all perfect for the sector of the market that you have manufactured them for.

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Philip Youles


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