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Both our Blackburn and Manchester stores are class one and two MOT test centres. MOT class one covers all motorcycles and scooters with or without a sidecar fitted up to 200cc. Class 2 covers all Motorcycles with or without a sidecar above 200cc

At point of test, we are not looking for a bike to be like new. If brake discs are warped this would be a reason for failure but only if the fluctuation can be felt at the lever when the bike is being used. Basically, if you can feel it on the rolling road then you will feel it on the road. But a slight fluctuation you might not, and this would then require a road test to establish whether the tester is required to fail. If there is any doubt the default position would always be pass and advise

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The default position is that we are aiming to pass and only fail when the item is clearly defined as a fail in the testers manual. A solo presented for mot should take no longer than half an hour so we always advise you to set aside an hour for an MOT just taking into account time for taking keys preparing paperwork etc.

We are appointment only at both sites for MOT but can usually accommodate an MOT at fairly short notice as we have a number of qualified testers at each site.