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The New Bonneville Bobbers and Speedmaster

The New Triumph Bonneville Bobbers

BRUTAL BEAUTIES – stunning hand crafted factory custom Bobbers. Instantly recognisable, innovative and beautiful, with an unparalleled heritage, attitude and thrilling hot rod ride and sound.

DARKER, MEANER, STRONGER – all of the classic Bobber’s category defining capability, iconic silhouette and engineering innovation, with even more blacked-out muscular style, more imposing poise, presence and attitude, and an even higher level of specification.

The Bonneville Bobber range is now even bigger with the introduction of the ALL NEW MEANER AND HIGHER SPECIFICATION BONNEVILLE BOBBER BLACK. Innovative, thrilling and beautiful, our Bonneville Bobber’s are thoroughbred custom classics that cleverly combine elegant engineering and category-leading capability, with an unparalleled heritage and thrilling hot rod ride and sound.

Both the Bobber and Bobber Black are beautifully hand crafted and deliver all the hallmarks of a genuine Triumph Bobber with timeless Bonneville DNA, stripped-back style, engineering innovation, low seat height, unique detailing and classic Bobber silhouette.
At the heart of each model you’ll find a category-leading, high-torque Bonneville 1200cc engine with a dedicated Bobber tune, for more torque and power lower down than the Bonneville T120. This is all backed-up by a dynamic, agile riding experience, delivered by high specification suspension and a host of rider-focused-technology, including Road and Rain Riding Modes, switchable traction control, torque-assist clutch, heated grips, ABS, an immobiliser, a high 10,000 mile/ 16,000km first major service interval and, on the Bobber Black, an intuitive single button cruise control.
Hidden Clean Line Technology
The Bonneville Bobber and all new Bobber Black have a high level of specification for enhanced control, comfort and safety. Each component has been sensitively incorporated in to the distinctive Bobber silhouette and carefully hidden from view as not to interfere with the iconic clean lines.
Key features include the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to ensure optimal engine performance, ABS to prevent wheel locking, switchable traction control, Road and Rain Riding Modes, designed to maximise control and safety in different riding conditions. An Immobiliser transponder incorporated into the key and signature ‘Bonnie’ straight-line exhaust pipe run with hidden cat box. Cruise control as standard on the Bobber Black, with an easy to use single button function.
Customise your Bobber
The Bonneville Bobber and all new Bobber Black both come with over 130 accessories to choose from providing style, detailing, comfort and luggage - allowing you to add your own personal touch and create a true original.

Accessories include ‘ape-hanger’ style high bars, machined headlight bezel, bar end ‘peep’ mirrors, clip-on handlebars, shortened front and rear mudguards, LED indicators, Fox adjustable rear shocks and new Bobber silencers with machined aluminium end caps that can be adjusted to change the profile and add even more muscular style. You can upgrade the comfort level too with practical accessories such as heated grips, swing arm bag and panniers, as well as a statement rider seat.
There are also two incredible inspiration kits that make customising your Bobber even easier:
The Bobber ‘Quarter Mile Inspiration Kit’ brings a more drag racer Bobber style with signature clip-on bars and a host of unique blacked-out accessories.
The Bobber ‘Old School Inspiration Kit’ offers a more distinctive traditional Bobber vibe with signature ‘ape-hanger’ style bars and beautifully handcrafted steel seat pan.

The New Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster

SUPERIOR HANDLING, COMFORT AND CONTROL – The swept-back beach bars, forward footpegs, low seat height, signature Triumph neutral handling dynamics all combine to deliver a superior ride. High-specification brakes and suspension, along with a sculpted rider and removable pillion seat enhance both control and comfort.

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER brings a new dimension to the Bonneville line-up. With much more classic British custom laid-back attitude, forward footpegs, swept-back beach bars and comfortable pillion capability, the new Speedmaster delivers a distinctive cruiser riding style. High specification rider-focused-technology combines with elegant engineering to provide a superior level of handling, comfort and control. Beautifully crafted, the new Speedmaster delivers a host of unique premium touches, such as elegant headlight nacelle detailing, alongside its  classic Bonneville DNA, signature styling cues and that all important Bonneville Bobber high-torque engine tune, hard tail look and attitude.
Perfect for riders looking for greater touring capability and a more laid-back cruiser style than the Bonneville T120, the new Speedmaster's comfortable yet versatile twin seat set-up offers increased practicality together with all the Bonneville Bobber's attitude.  The critically acclaimed high-torque engine, with its powerful hot rod ride and raw sound, has a reassuringly high first major service interval of 10,000 mile / 16,000km.

THE ALL NEW BONNEVILLE SPEEDMASTER features the critically acclaimed Bonneville 1200cc HT engine with Triumph’s unmistakable Bobber tune. With a category leading torque figure of 106Nm at a low 4,000 rpm – up to 10% more at 4,500 rpm than the Bonneville T120 and an amazing 42% more than the 2015 Speedmaster the new bike has been built to deliver low down and across the rev range when you need it most.
In terms of power the story is the same, with even more, 77Ps at 6,100 rpm, 10% more than the Bonneville T120 at 4,500 rpm and 25% more peak power the 2015 Triumph Speedmaster.

The 8 valve, single overhead camshaft parallel twin engine is liquid cooled for optimum performance and enhanced fuel efficiency. While a charismatic 270° firing interval provides smooth, linear power delivery from the slick six-speed gearbox.

The sound is equally as thrilling, with a distinctive rich and raw exhaust note thanks to an innovative twin chamber airbox and twin filter design with signature Bonneville ‘hidden cat box’ header pipe run and unique twin-skin bright chrome exhaust system.