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When will Youles Motorcycles re open

Here at Youles Motorcycles we will do everything within Government guidelines to re open as soon as possible. The likelihood is we will re open our workshops first offering our no contact service. However we feel at present that its best to keep everyone safe. We will keep you informed through Our Website, Facebook, Instagram and we will send a news letter, the moment we have any information

Is your web shop open for business

Yes our web shop is open for business we are running a streamlined service and are currently keeping up with despatching orders. We are also adding consumables to like oil filters brake pads etc to our site. Any help you need then please email us we will do our best to help. Every order despatched through our website will receive a free Triumph Water bottle whilst stocks last

My service is due and you are closed how will this affect my warranty.

We are taking the stance that this wont affect your warranty. If you are a key worker ie Doctor Nurse Policeman etc then don't hesitate to contact us as we have some support in these instances. However you shouldn't really be using your bike for pleasure so we will extend your USED BIKE warranty by however long our workshops are closed. Also our lifetime warranty will not be void if you have missed the opportunity to keep your bike serviced due to our workshops being closed. You will need to have it serviced once the workshops re open. We will allow two months grace on this and even longer if you contact us once we are open.

Can I come in and have a look at your used bikes.

Sorry but NO much as we hate saying this the answer is at the moment NO.

Can I order a motorcycle on line

Yes just send an enquiry and we will handle this in the normal way. Payment can be made direct into our bank and we can arrange delivery or contactless handover. We will enforce a three meter distancing policy strictly and ask you to transfer monies in advance. If paying by finance we will clean the computer keyboard and mouse before you touch them. You will be asked to wash your hands on arrival.

Ive ordered a vehicle and await delivery

Chances are we've spoken to you already or left a message for you. We have contacted everyone that has deposited on a vehicle and as we re open will re schedule the delivery date. That first taste of freedom is going to be sweet.

Ive ordered parts and they are in your store.

If they are essential and you ned them then please contact us by email and we will try and ensure they are available for collection or arrange postage out. There may be an additional charge for postage.


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