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As we value our staff and customers we are offering to perform a “no-contact” service or repair on your motorcycle or scooter.

How It Works

Pre-arrange your service by phone or email and indicate that you do not want any contact.

Arrive at our store sit on your machine and telephone the store. Someone will come out and collect your keys without touching you and keeping as much distance as possible.

We will then telephone or email you to confirm the procedures being undertaken.

When collecting we will ask you to pay by transfer direct into our bank in advance and will bring your vehicle outside for collection.

Keeping physical contact to a minimum

A similar procedure is available for anyone ordering or collecting parts.
We have no issue with you sitting outside in or on your vehicle and us doing the legwork thus helping to keep everyone safe.


By arrangement, we will bring a bike outside and leave you to look at it with the minimum amount of contact. We can arrange delivery, also demo rides can be performed with a minimal amount of contact.

We are following Government guidelines and anyone with the slightest hint of a cold or cough is being instructed to self isolate. Please keep away if you don’t feel well but otherwise we are as always, happy to help.

Please note this years T Fest Event has now been cancelled

However our demo fleet is available for a bit of self isolation


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