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What is the DGR

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is held every year and is an event where classic motorcyclists can ride there bikes whilst raising money for prostrate cancer and men's suicide. Both worthy causes and top reasons for getting your classic bike out and having a ride. I have organised the Manchester ride for the last five years and every time we have been blessed with dry weather in fact in 2016 I was too hot. But this year the weather forecast was awful showing rain rain and more rain. I decided not to postpone the ride primarily because the date goes in my diary at the beginning of the year and that's it its cast in stone. This year had really taken some organizing as the Conservative Party conference was due to take part on the Monday morning and many roads were closed in view of this. So our route missed the City Centre which was a shame as in light of raising awareness the City Center has the advantage of being busy and allowing for loads of engagement with the public taking pictures on there mobile phones and then the subsequent social media content being uploaded.
I was worried as the weather was just awful. But really didn't need to be as when I arrived at our Manchester Store people were already starting to arrive and this was at nine o'clock the ride doesn't leave till eleven. The commitment the good people of Manchester showed was mind blowing. Ok the turnout wasn't quite as good as previous years but if Id had been optimistic Id have said fifty would be a good number. Dave Porter one of our much appreciated Marshalls counted one hundred and twenty three.
The atmosphere was amazing and we all had a fantastic time. Just look at the pictures folk are grinning from ear to ear. Yep we got wet but we had some fantastic bikes with a real old, possibly about nineteen eighteen Harley Davidson combo ticking all the boxes for me.
Well done to all that ended up getting wet including the lady in the tuk tuk who even though she was covered still got wet.

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