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MANCHESTER: 0161 7082620

BLACKBURN: 01254 277135



Available to ship in 36 Hours

Minimum quantity for "HF111 HIFLO OIL FILTER" is 1.

Applications Honda ATV TRX400 FA Fourtrax Rancher AT    04-07 TRX400 FGA Fourtrax Rancher AT GPScape     04-07 TRX500 FA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon     00-14 TRX500 FGA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape     04-08 TRX500 FPA Fourtrax Foreman Rubicon GPScape with EPS     09-14 TRX650 FA Fourtrax Rincon     03-05 TRX650 FGA Fourtrax Rincon GPScape     04-05 TRX680 FA-6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F Fourtrax Rincon     06-16 TRX680 FGA-6,7,8,9,A Fourtrax Rincon GPScape     06-10 Honda Motorcycle CB250 N,NA,T     78-82 CB250 NB,NDX-B Super Dream     81-85 CB250 NDX-B,NB     78-82 CB250 RSA MD02   80-83 CB250 RSD-C,L     82-84 CBR250 FG,FG-YA (Japan)   Japan   CBR250 RH (Japan)   Japan   CBR250 RJ,RK,RK-2 (Japan)   Japan   CBR250 RR-L,N (Japan)   Japan   CBR250 RR-R,R-2 (Japan)   Japan   CM250 TB Custom     81-85 VT250 F2H,H,H2,J,K (Japan)   Japan   VT250 FD,FE,FG     83-87 VT250 FE,ZE,FF-YA,F2F,FJ Integra (Japan)   Japan 86-88 VT250 FG,FG-YA, (Japan)   Japan   VT250 FL Spada     89-90 VTR250     88-90 CB350 SG,SJ     86-89 CB400 A Hondamatic     78-83 CB400 LC (Japan)   Japan   CB400 N,NA Super Dream     78-80 CB400 NB,NC,ND     81-84 CB400 T,AT     78-79 CB400 T,T1,T2 Hawk     78-81 CBR400 FE,F2E,F2E-YA (Japan)   Japan   CBR400 FF,F2F,F2F-YA (Japan)   Japan   CBX400 F     83-86 CM400 T,A Chopper NC01   79-80 CM400 T-B,C,D Chopper NC01   81-83 CX400 EC     82-84 CB450 DXK     89-92 CB450 NF PC14   85 CB450 SG (27 PS) PC17   86-88 CB450 SG (44 PS) PC17   86-88 CM450 A,E,C Custom     82-83 CMX450 C Rebel (USA)   USA 86-87 CX 500 CB Custom     81-84 CX 500 EC Eurosport PC06   82-84 CX 500 TC Turbo PC03   82-83 CX 500 Z,A,B     78-84 GL500 I Interstate     81-82 GL500 Silver Wing PC02   81-82 CBX550 FC,F2,F2C PC04   82-85 CBX550 FD,F2D PC04   81-86 CX650 C Custom RC11   83 CX650 ED Eurosport RC12   83-86 CX650 TC-D Turbo RC16   83-86 GL650 Silver Wing RC10   83-86 Honda Side X Side MUV700 Big Red     12-13 SXS700 M2,M4 Pioneer 700     14-16